GroupBoss Lifetime Deal: Facebook Group Management Tool [ REVIEW ]

GroupBoss Lifetime Deal $87


GroupBoss is a Facebook Group management tool. You can use it to generate leads from your existing Facebook Groups.


GroupBoss is basically a Facebook group management tool. You can manage and generate leads from your Facebook Groups using this tool. As we know, Facebook Page organic reach is declining and Group reach is inclining. If you really want to grow your Facebook Group, then GroupBoss Lifetime Deal is suitable for you. This tool can help you grow your Facebook Groups.

groupboss features

GroupBoss Overview

With GroupBoss, you can easily get your entire group member’s data in one place having all the history. Also, you can download and use these data as you want. Whenever someone requests to join your group, you can ask them three questions including their email address. GroupBoss automatically collect those data and integrate with your email marketing autoresponder. It will also create a custom audience for later advertising on Facebook.


Once you accept or reject group membership requests, you will literally lose all the answers including email addresses, since Facebook does not store it. You have to collect those data manually. But it takes time. That’s why GroupBoss is very powerful because it automatically collects those data and stores it in its dashboard. It provides a chrome extension to manage its dashboard.

groupboss dashboard

Easy Set-Up

After purchasing the GroupBoss lifetime deal, you will get a chrome extension. You can easily log in to its dashboard within a minute. After logging into the dashboard, you will get the entire group member’s data in one place.

groupboss setup

Auto-responder Integration

Automation and integration are very important to develop an online business. You can integrate your email marketing auto-responder like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and many more with GroupBoss.

groupboss autoresponder integration

Custom Audience

GroupBoss will let you create a custom audience from your group member’s name and email address. You can use it as a custom audience for advertising on Facebook. Also, you can use this custom audience to create a lookalike audience on Facebook. Since Facebook custom audience and lookalike audience are very powerful. So this tool will definitely help you from that side also.

groupboss custom audience

What Will You Get With GroupBoss Lifetime Deal

  • You can use it with unlimited groups
  • You can use it with unlimited autoresponder
  • You will get support over phone call
  • You can save all members answers in one place
  • You can create custom audience and lookalike audience
  • Free training and 24×7 premium support
  • Unlimited free updates for life
  • You will get access to their exclusive community
  • In-depth existing data search filters

GroupBoss Lifetime Deal Terms

  • You have to activate the code within 30 days from purchase
  • You will get lifetime access to the product
  • Free lifetime updates and 24×7 premium support
  • It’s a web-based software (with chrome extension)

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